Photo by John Haynes

I learned the power of imagery while studying International Relations at the United States Military Academy at West Point - Migrant Mother, Napalm Girl, and Tank Man changed the world by communicating in a glance what words could never describe. I first picked up a camera in 2015 to video my friends and me riding off-road motorcycles in Arizona, and I developed a passion for the medium when I started taking still photos in 2016. I now use highly technical and innovative techniques to create stunning images of people, landscapes, and nature.

I am a South Carolina native, and I am currently based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. I am an Eagle Scout, experienced backpacker, free diver, and combat veteran. My life experiences expand my capabilities and inform my style in a way that just experience behind a camera alone never could.

If you want a print, want to schedule a photoshoot, are interested in collaborating on a project, have random questions about my life, or just want to talk photography use the contact information or form below to reach out to me:

Email: andrewfantphoto@gmail.com

Phone: (803) 517-4304

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